And so it begins...

There are days when I can barely manage to form a coherent sentence verbally.  Most days, it's a struggle to do so on a keyboard.  Why I became a writer is sometimes beyond me.  Maybe it's because I love a challenge.  Most likely because I was dropped on my head as a small child one too many times.  Either way...here I am.  

This past year has been one of incredible change.  Ultimately, all of it good although a lot of it didn't seem that way at the time.  After dancing barefoot across the desert for the better part of twenty years, I find myself dancing barefoot across the snow in Idaho.  (Told you...dropped on my head.)  Out of all the changes and the lessons that came along for the ride, I have come to the conclusion that life IS a scavenger hunt.  We stumble our way along, trip over various artifacts (some interesting, some grimy, some barely noteworthy), sometimes we pay attention, but for the most part we seem to just bounce around.  I'm done being aimless.  If life is going to bounce me around, I'm going to pay attention and enjoy the ride.  You only get to go once.

Five days ago I woke up from a dead sleep with a list of promises to myself for the year:  "My resolutions: to replace frustration with patience, to read more, to write everyday, to be in awe of my surroundings and take note of them, to commit random acts of senseless kindness, and laugh daily."  This next year I plan to carry my camera with me no matter where I go, cook more often with the people I love, attempt to accomplish greater things than just making it through the day without killing someone, work on (and finish) my novel, quit smoking, learn to play the guitar, get my flat ass to the gym on a regular basis, talk about books I'm reading (and listening to) with other people who are also reading, collect snowflakes on my eyelashes, bring smiles to strangers, and laugh as often as possible.

So welcome aboard.  Strap yourselves in and make yourselves comfortable.  It's going to be a helluva ride.