Life is a Scavenger Hunt

This week:

Every year of my childhood, we'd have this on the TV on New Year's Day while we started taking down Christmas decorations.

"Barra Barra" and "The Minstrel Boy"...still one of my favorite albums ever.

This blog is a hoot.  I dig her and her method of delivery.

I love me my Fred Meyer olive bar.  Yay for stuffed grape leaves (not my photo).


I choked on my coffee.

 I've got mine up and running.
Brilliant idea to keep track of life and its memories.

Monkey #1 Achievement:  Managed to entertain himself without destroying anything noteworthy.

Monkey #2 Achievement:  Shared her room with her brother for a week (family visiting) without killing him.

My Achievement:  I learned to make handmade paper.


2013 in books...

In 2013, a friend of mine and I started a Facebook group called 52 Pickup with the goal of reading (you guessed it) 52 NEW (to us) books throughout the year.  I'd say I had a successful year, even with not being able to concentrate on reading for about 6 weeks after my surgery.  We've  revived the group for 2014...I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

Happy reading!