2013 is FINALLY over.  That's one thing to be thankful for.

In all seriousness, I have had a LOT to be thankful for this year.

  • God...because He's made all this possible.
  • Love...because it makes my world go 'round.
  • My family...because they make it all worth it.
  • My friends...because they know I'm crazy and love me anyway.
  • My brother...because we're anomalies together.
  • My cat, Timber...because she's my snuggle bug.
  • My home...it's where magic happens.
  • My freedom...without it, everything else wouldn't be so amazing.
  • Coffee...because without it, I couldn't appreciate anything else.
  • My vocabulary...because it's sexy and I worked hard for it.
  • My computer...I'd honestly be lost without it.
  • My Kindle...because my house is too small for all the books I love.
  • Pinterest...because I love to be inspired.
  • Google...because I love checking my facts.
  • The Dollar Tree...because saving money is awesome.
  • Amazon...because spending money is awesome too.
  • Hastings...because Chai Lattes don't make themselves.
  • Sushi...it's THAT important.
  • Indian Food...Lamb Curry & Garlic Naan.  Yes please.
  • The Olive Bar at Fred Meyer...makes my tastebuds happy.
  • Tea...because it's wonderful.
  • John Williams & Hans Zimmer...I love you guys.
  • Pandora...because I love my music my way.
  • Audible...because sometimes I want to read while I'm working on something (or driving).
  • Snow...because hot flashes suck.
  • Heat tape...because frozen pipes suck even more.
  • Hot showers...no explanation needed.
  • Pajama pants...because comfort is one of my favorite things.
  • Slippers...because shoes and cold feet suck.
  • Red Tail Sangria...because it's delightful.
  • Hard Ciders...because adults need juice too.
  • Apple Ice Wine...because it's amazing.
  • My tastebuds...because I thought I had lost them forever.
  • Dr. Perez & his team...for saving my life.
  • The nurses on the 4th floor at St. Luke...for taking such good care of me.
  • My neighbor...because he's like a grandpa to me.
  • Electric pencil sharpeners...I can get back to writing just that much faster.
  • Crayons...for making me feel like a kid.
  • My church...for reminding me I have a lot to be thankful for, to slow down, and give thanks.
I know some of it might seem silly, but it's all true.  This year, I'm going to do my best to remember to be more thankful and present...to appreciate to the little moments that make it all worth it.

Happy New Year.

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