Apple geek...

Alright...I gotta say it again.  I LOVE my iPad.  I love the funny pictures I get to take of Roy's kids.

I love the beautiful pictures I get to take of the world around me  I love that I can actually write on it (see earlier post) AND listen to Pandora while doing so.  I love looking at the stars with the kids, taking a picture of a constellation, having it identified, and then telling the kids the story behind it.  I love that I've got everything at my fingertips when I'm working on my book.  

I love the portability, possibility, and functionality.  It's been a creative revelation to me.  It is simply amazing how one little device can so drastically change your life.  It has wiped out the majority of my creative excuses.  Everything I need to write this blog, work on my novel, or capture snapshots of my life fits in my purse.  And THAT is a marvelous kind of freedom.

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