The pen is mightier than the pillow...

Funny...I've been staring at the tab for this screen for the better part of a month trying to figure out what the hell to write.  Sitting at the keyboard, nothing came to me.  Then about twenty minutes ago, it hit me.  I was thinking about this while lying in bed trying to get some much needed sleep, and I caught myself scribbling on the pillow with my finger.  EUREKA!  I prefer to write longhand and then edit on the keyboard.  I can't seem to get the story I want to tell out even semi-coherently if I type it.  I have to actually create the letters, watch them flow together to become words, and string them into sentences.  

All by hand.  

Same concept...I write by hand (and anyone who's seen my writing comes away feeling loopy) and edit on the computer.

So...here I am, listening to my pillow throw a tantrum while the words pour out.  And the could very well be drivel, but dammit...they're my words.  And they're the first ones I've managed in quite awhile.

So there.

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