Technological monster in the making...

I just got myself an iPad the other day, and let me tell you...it might be the greatest thing I've ever done for myself creatively.  Between Evernote and Penultimate...HOLY SHIT.  Gone are the days of lugging around pen and paper, camera, and laptop.  This is sheer genius.  Being able to actually write longhand (see "The pen is mightier than the pillow") on a digital medium and not having to worry about losing it or it getting destroyed...AMAZING.

Granted...my handwriting on the iPad does leave something to be desired (as it does sometimes with a pen and paper), but it's a happy tradeoff...I'm writing again. I'd almost forgotten how liberating it is.  I could go on and on.  

I've got Pandora going in the background (I have a station set up to play selections from movie scores)...who cares that it's 32 degrees outside and foggy?  I think I'm the happiest biped in my zipcode right now.  

And seeing as how it's Saturday night...that's saying something.

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