Feline Therapy

I love the time I get to spend with Timber.  From the time I wake up (with her in between my feet or behind my knees) to the time I go back to bed (with her waiting on the bed for me), I have a constant furry companion there to keep an eye on me.

We're a lot alike, actually.  We both love to spend time with the people we love, but we enjoy our alone time.  We prefer the blinds to be open, but only if we're not trying to sleep.  We both tend to break into song at inappropriate times (although I usually don't before 0600), but we enjoy the silences that can stretch on comfortably for hours.  We love to stretch, but sleep curled up.  We also enjoy baths that last for hours (although I prefer mine in a tub with a loofah).

She's my smirking snuggle bug.  The booger that has to get into everything.  The assaulter of shoes and attacker of sharks.  The cat who loves to sing us the song of her people at 5AM.

I'm pretty lucky to be her stupid human.

Yeah...I didn't know I couldn't knit either.

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