Life is a Scavenger Hunt

This week:

Who doesn't love a trip to Middle Earth?

Saw this guy at the Knitting Factory in Boise a few months back opening for the Reverend Horton Heat...this disc is simply amazing.

Two words:  Asiago Sourdough

Never gets old being in the head of a genius.

This just made me laugh.

As found on Pinterest:  Recipes for Disaster

 Monkey #1 Achievement:  He learned how to do laundry and why I insist on clothes being put in the hamper buttoned, zipped, pockets emptied, and turned the right way.  That lesson came with a BIG hug and a heartfelt apology.

Monkey #2 Achievement:  She managed to completely disassemble, clean, and reassemble the bathroom without any help or guidance.

My Achievement:  After four weeks, I got my driving privileges back from my doctor.

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