All-Purpose Cleaner


Raise your hand if you have a place to call home.

Keep your hand up if you like to keep your space clean.

Again, keep that hand in the air if you're tired of having to tote around a bucket of expensive, chemical filled, should-work-better-considering-how-much-it-costs cleaners.

One more time if you'd like me to tell you about a SUPER inexpensive, reasonably natural, works-crazy-good, all-purpose cleaner.



First off...gather your ingredients.

All THREE of them.

White vinegar
BLUE Dawn dish soap
Dollar Store spray bottle*

*That spray bottle counts as an ingredient seeing as how all the other spray bottles I tried (Walmart, Fred Meyer, Winco, Auto Zone, etc) clogged up because of the soap.  Dollar Store stands up and takes it like a champ.

Now...let's do this.

Pour roughly 2 cups of your white vinegar into a microwave safe cup (I use a measuring cup) and nuke for 2 minutes.

Pour the vinegar that is now roughly the same temperature as the center of the sun into your spray bottle.

Drizzle in your [BLUE] Dawn dish soap, stopping to swirl (not shake) the bottle until it is roughly the same blue as a clean swimming pool.

That's it.

You only have to nuke the vinegar when you add it to the bottle  This is so the Dawn will bond with it instead of kicking around on the bottom of the bottle.  (Note:  you don't have to wait until the bottle is empty to refill.  If I see I'm a little low, I'll add to it right then.)

This stuff is awesome  I use it on counters, the stovetop, in the fridge, on the floor (I use a Shark, so this stuff is gnarly), on walls (doesn't seem to damage paint, and I don't have wallpaper), and in the bathroom.  The only places I don't use it on are the toilet bowls and wood surfaces.  Other than that...game on.

Warning:  I don't recommend using this in small, enclosed spaces (like a bathroom) when the mix is fresh and still warm.  The vinegar fumes can be a little overwhelming.

That said...I'll take it over store bought chemicals ANYDAY.

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