Betty White has hit the nail on the head.

And I don't care if this was actually taken while Gaga was on stage...it's perfect.



It's not that I'm overly shocked by Twerkgate (I did survive Nipplegate, remember)...it's just that I'm disturbed by the direction things seem to be going.  It just gets me when I see people doing things that I know would make me want to use my head to repeatedly hit a hard surface 10 years from now if I did them.  

And maybe this is a little high-handed of me, but I do believe that celebrities do have a sort of responsibility to their fans.  Lead by example, folks.  I guess it should be soothing to know that hypocrisy is rampant elsewhere other than in my own life...but it's not.

So...I want to share a few things that I'm planning on sharing (in my own words) with the two monkeys I'm helping to raise now.  

The first is an Open Letter from Mother to Daughter.  I'll have to break it down a bit for Nina as she tends to get sidetracked by the funny bits of things, but the foundation is sound.  

The second is The Postscript to the aforementioned blog post.  That's for adult use to make sure we're clear on everything.  

The third is a letter from father to son on What a Real Man Really Is.  This one I will be delivering verbatim to Gavin.  

For the record...I am not anti-Miley or Robin Thicke (I actually had no idea who he was until a few weeks ago).  I'm just anti-having-kids-look-up-to-you-for-all-the-wrong-reasons.  That's all.

Parents...good luck.  It's a harder world out there.  It's not an easy fight.

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