Let me take a moment to tell you about Bloglovin.  Not too long ago, I was fiddling around with my iPad after reading an old issue of Artful Blogging, looking for a few blogging apps to help get me back on track (mission was a success, obviously).

What is so awesome about this app is that ALL the blogs I subscribe to are RIGHT THERE.  They are easy to search for, easy to subscribe to, and easy to keep up with (yay for my daily email that lets me know who has posted something new).  The best part (for me, anyhow) is that it's portable.  When I'm in front of my laptop (which stays almost exclusively at home on my desk), there are SO many distractions.  On the iPad, I can take it anywhere and have time to enjoy and catch up.  It's like having my very own magazine rack full of news I WANT to read.

And that my friends, is pretty awesome.

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