Halloween Tablescapes

Yesterday we touched on the idea of a Halloween party (see the invitation links).

Today, we're going to talk making the table setting, or in this case, the tablescape, look amazing.

I know that a lot of them seem incredibly busy looking.  They are.  Those are mostly for parties where not a whole lot of time is going to be spent sitting around the table.  Busy it up, folks.

Also...I'm just as cheap as the rest of you, and I probably have even less storage space now than you do, so not only is it all about the Dollar Tree and the Day-After sales, it's about repurposing and scavenging.  You'd be surprised what you can manage when you get creative.

REALLY simple to do this one.  Just fill your jar with red colored water and toss in a whole head of cauliflower you've cut the stem off of.  Easy peasy.

All those wine bottles (or in the case of my household, wine AND rum bottles) you've gone through in the last [few] month[s]...PERFECT candleholders.  Just soak off the labels and stick in a candle (save your stubs for this...waste not, want not).

A few rubber rats, a nifty skull (I found one I love over at Big Lots), a few miniature white pumpkins, some offset candles, slightly tarnished silver pieces, and a black lace tablecloth (pay attention to thrift stores...or just buy a length of lace at a fabric store)...I'm liking this one.

Talk about a conversation piece.

This photo is linked to Alderberry Hill, but the blog post itself is gone.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this looks like a pizza pan, a few candlesticks and an old bundt cake pan glued together and spray painted black, loaded with fall foliage and various miscellaneous Halloween accessories.  Sky's the limit with this one.  This could be awesome in the middle of the table, or made larger to look welcome people at your front door.

Those skulls looks like Mercury glass, but you can always use silver spray paint.  Big Lots, thrift stores,  Ross, and yard sales are good places to find garish candlesticks that are in desperate need of black spray paint.

Goodwill tea set and some black paint.

I promise I've sent you to the right link.  You just need to scroll down a bit.

And then there's the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink look.

Go crazy.  Have fun.  We're never too old for any of it.

Tomorrow, we'll talk cocktails.  Because, let's face it...we probably could use one [of each] by now.

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