Life is a Scavenger Hunt

This week:

Captivating and brilliantly rendered.

For those of you paying attention, the world got a bit quieter a week ago today when Juke chose peace.
Juke...I miss you.  
You said what you meant and meant what you said...and you were always a gentleman about it.
It was an honour, a privilege, and an absolute hoot knowing you.

I had to use the HONY Facebook banner seeing as how their actual website banner didn't feel like cooperating.  Do yourself a favour and go check this amazing site out.

Coffee IS life.
Tea IS food.
End of discussion.

I enjoy well written YA for the simple face that the writer cannot love the sound of their own voice.  They have to be succinct or they run the risk of losing their audience.  YA at its best is language usage and economy at its finest.


Halloween is just around the corner (scary seeing as how I just got the last bit of fireworks debris cleared out).  This bunch of DIY projects courtesy of Martha Stewart is just the first of a bundle you'll be seeing.  (Brace yourselves...Christmas will be happening soon after.)

Monkey #1 Achievement:  Only had his room tossed twice for being a slob.

Monkey #2 Achievement:  Became a self-starter and pulled down the binder with the math tutoring pages, asking if I wouldn't mind grading them for her.

My Achievement:  Learned how to crochet two different kinds of flowers (and a third by accident) for the #sheepishbloomdrop from One Sheepish Girl.

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